Black Hawk Creek Saddle Club

Benefits of showing at BHCSC

BHCSC offers payback at each show, special and year end awards.
If you place 1st through 4th place you will receive a voucher for payback. Points for year end awards are given for places 1 - 6


volunteers in booth

We need people to reset poles and barrels on Friday night; to open and shut the gate or be ring persons on Saturday; or to announce or work in the office.

Entering our shows

If you completed the tab sheet and entry forms at home, bring them to the window. If you did not fill things out ahead of time, we have all the forms you need at the table next to the booth. Use your permanent numbers on the entry forms: one for each horse/rider combination for each class age group you will enter.
If you are showing a horse at only one show, you do not need a permanent number - temporary numbers are available at the sign up table. We will double check that the information on the entry cards match the information on the tab sheet and we will collect your blank check or you payment in full for your entry fees.

Moms do a great job filling out all the paperwork. Dads can fill out paperwork, but from experience, they will need a list telling them which kid has which number for which pony, in which age group the child will be showing this season, how to spell the pony's name, etc.

moms signing up          dads signing up

You need to enter a class before the prior class enters the arena. If you need to add or scratch a class, speak to the secretary in the announcer's stand (no refunds for dropped classes) as early as possible. Help keep our shows running smoothly.

We hope you enjoy showing with us.