Black Hawk Creek Saddle Club

Queen Contest Information

The 2017 BHCSC Queen contest was held following the noon break at our June 24 show.
Please read the State Fair information, then complete the resume and send it to:
Cindy Paige, 17531 Grundy Rd., Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 or bring it the day of the contest.

Friday August 11, 2017

BHCSC Queen Entry State Fair Entry information


Contestants must have been a member during the current year and the previous year.
Contestants should be active participants in the Black Hawk Creek Saddle Club by attending shows, helping others and working at our shows.
The Junior Queen contest is open to girls ages 10 - 15.
The Senior Queen contest is open to girls ages 16 - 26. Ages are as of January 1 of the current year.

Please check in at the sign up booth, turn in your resume or check to see if we received it, and get instructions for the contest. A pleasure class will be judged and a Cowgirl Salute will be required.

Black Hawk Creek Saddle Club Queens

2017 Queens
2017 Queens:Junior Queen Brooke Liston, Senior Queen Ashtyn Dietiker. 2017 was an unusual year for the queen contest. Emily Naughton and Brooke Liston competed for junior queen and Emily won Queen with Brooke as runner-up. Emily was unable to fulfill her duties as Junior Queen, so the crown passed to Brooke, who represented us at State Fair. Ashtyn's horse was under the weather the day of the contest, so she did not compete, but since no other riders entered as senior contestants, she represented BHCSC at State Fair.

2016 Queens
2016 Queens: Junior 1st Runner up Emily Naughton, Junior Queen Caitlyn Sanderman, Senior Queen Bobbi Burch.
Photo by Cindy Paige

2015 Queens
Photo by Jolene Carolan;

2014 Queens 2014 Queens - Senior Queen Megan O'Connor, Junior Queen Emily Anna Armstrong.
Photo by Cindy Paige

2013 Queens 2013 Queens –Senior Queen Sierra Kubik, Junior Queen Molli Wise
Court: Morgan Williams, Taylor Lehr, Grace Blake, Kayla Carolan, Bethany Nelson, Emily Armstrong
Photo by Jen Winterowd Armstrong

2012 Queens

2012 Queens – Sr. Sierra Kubik, Jr. Morgan Williams
Bethany Nelson, Emily Armstrong (runner up Jr.) Morgan Williams (Jr. Queen) Sierra Kubik (Sr. Queen), Ali Taplin (Runner up Sr.), Ashtyn Dove

2011 Queens2011 Queens
Junior Queen Morgan Williams, Senior Queen Monica Madsen
Court: Meredith Williams. Bethany Nelson and Hope Petry

2010 Queens2010 - Sr. Bethany Nelson, Jr. Meredith Williams
1st Jr. Runner up Andrea Schrage, 2nd Jr. Runner up Alice Kirsch

2009 Queens

2009 - Sr. Taylor Wessels, Jr. Meredith Williams
1st Jr. Runner up Sierra Kubik; 2nd Jr. Runner up Emma Schmitz

2008 Queens

2008- Sr. Cassandra Kubik, Jr. Sierra Kubik
1st Sr. Runner up Sarah Krukow; 1st Jr. Runner up Emma Schmitz
Court: Courtney Seekins, Bethany Nelson

2007- Sr. Courtney Seekins, Jr. Sierra Kubik
1st Sr. Runner up Neisha Johnson; 1st Jr. Runner up Stefanie Walker
Court: Chelsea Bouchard, Breanna Ellis, Bethany Nelson

2007 Senior Queens 2007 Junior Queens

2006- Sr. Cassie Kubik, Jr. Hope Petry
2006 Queens Princess Candidates: Stefanie Walker, Bethany Nelson, Kate Grover
1st Sr. Runner up Brooke Cornelius, 2nd Sr. Runner up Chelsea Bouchard; 1st Jr. Runner up Sierra Kubik

2005 - Sr. Cassie Kubik, Jr. Sierra Kubik
Court: Raydene Gray, Brooke Cornelius, Jessica Nie, Chelsea Bouchard, Anna Nieman
Princess Candidates: Gabi Petry, Allison Taplin, Kate Grover, Breanna Ellis, Hope Petry, Katie Stewart, Brettyn Grover, Holly Halstead, Kari Paige, Stefanie Walker

2004 – Sr. Chelsea Leisinger, Jr. Raydene Gray
1st Sr. Runner up Sarah Rammelsberg 1st Runner up Jr. Annie Jordan

2003 – Sr. Abby Wagner, Jr. Neisha Johnson
1st Sr. Runner up Chelsea Leisinger; 1st Jr. Runner up Raydene Gray Court: Cassandra Kubik, Chelsea Bouchard, Lily Darold (Hudson FAA)

2002 – Sr. Chelsea Leisinger, Jr. Abby Wagner
Court: Lily Darold, Neisha Johnson (Butler Co. Jr. Queen) Raydene Gray (Janesville Queen), Cassie Greiman, Chelsea Bouchard(Butler Co Sr. Queen

2001 – Sr. Katie Edler, Jr. Diedre Darold
1st Sr. Runner up Jenna Khyl; 1st Jr. Runner up Lily Darold
Court: Chelsey Leisinger, Chelsea Bouchard, Teri Cornelius, Raydene Gray, Abby Wagner

2000 – Sr. Katie Edler, Jr. Stephanie Busch
Court: Sarah Rodemeyer, Katie Paige, Kaylee DeVries, Laura Edwards, Cassie Greiman, Deidre Darold

1999 – Sr. Catie Mochal, Jr. Carrie Lembke
Court: Amber Wiley, Kaylee DeVries, Deidre Darold, Cassie Greiman, Cindy Miller

1998 – Sr. Cindy Miller, Jr. Sarah Rodemeyer
1st Jr. Runner up Katie Edler

1997- Sr. Catie Mochal, Jr. Katie Edler
Court: Sarah Rodemeyer, Kelsey Ford, Becca Murch